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Pantyhosed Feet and Phone Sex! Hot Sex on the Phone with pretty feet in pantyhose and high heels!

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1st July 2015

Hot Pantyhose Phone Sex in the Office! Pantyhosed Feet in sexy Pantyhose and High Heels!

In my today`s Pantyhose Feet Video i show you horny and erotic Pantyhosed Feet in sexy Pantyhose and high heeled shoes! In a 20-minutes long pantyhose-phonesex-video with one of my guests i show my beautiful Pantyhosed Feet in a hot Pantyhose and quite high Office-Pumps, while i follow the instructions of my guest on the phone. He is allowed to tell me on the phone what i shall do with my Pantyhosed Feet… and i will do it for him! It´s quasi a pantyhose-footfetish-phonesex-conference ;-)! But he not only wanted to see my feet and legs in the pantyhose and in erotic poses, but also that i should present my feet very close to him in front of the camera and that i should teeter with my Pantyhosed Feet and explain to him in every detail how horny the nylon of the pantyhose feels on my feet! And as he got more and more horny, he wanted me to take off my shoes and to suck the heel and to stick the heel into my mouth very deep, so as it would be his cock i was sucking and giving a great Blowjob to him! In addition i must describe what i´m actually doing with my pantyhosed feet and how my toes spread in that thin nylon fabric when i walk on tippy-toes. He also wanted to know if i get sweaty feet in nylons or pantyhose and how my feet would smell in the pantyhose after a long day. So i told him that my feet evolve a wonderful and exciting taste when i wear pantyhose or nylons the whole day in addition to shoes. That made him so horny that he wanted to cum in my shoes or onto my nylonfeet at once! So i showed him the inside of my shoes while i was standing on my pantyhosed feet in front of the camera and made some explicit wanking motions with my hand. And shortly after i heared him groaning on the phone and he told me that he would like to shoot his fully load of hot sperm into my shoes now and that i should take them on again after he has finished! Together with his hudge amount of sperm! So i slipped into the pumps with my pantyhosed feet and told him how his load feels under my soles and between my toes when i slip in and out and when i walk around! He was so enthused that it would be his favorite to call me again regularely for cuming on my pantyhosed feet again and again! Well, but such a service is only unique with me ;-). And? Did you get in the mood to cum on my shoes or my pantyhosed feet as well? Then join immediately and download that horny pantyhose-phonesex-video on your harddrive! 20 Min. Full-HD Video

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